Creating A Peaceful Mind For Kids

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When I Squish My Eyes Shut

Children are the most successful in using their imagination. Help them to use this powerful gift that is within all of us to assist them to grow in confidence, overcome issues ,and acquire a positive mindset when it comes to making friends, and to cope with challenges that are a part of life such as going to school, new situations/circumstances and to be the best they can in anything that they do.

This is a book of exercises for both children and parents, caregivers, guardians and those who want to help a child to grow in a healthy way, and to give them assistance with using their imaginations, using positive spoken language that reaches them in an age appropriate fashion.

Just as when we read a storybook at bedtime with our children to relax then, that time where they are more receptive to accepting that it is soon time to sleep, watching them get immersed in the contents of a particular book or story being told to them, children's imaginations can take them to far away places. They are equally capable and receptive to positive information, suggestions, affirmations and 'stories' about themselves at this time too.

Most Medical Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Psychologists believe that children start understanding more advanced words around their first birthday.

Children define the world and their experiences in quite a different way to the adult. Their interpretation of their experiences are limited by their lack of inductive reasoning and are vastly different from those of the adult.

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Early influences, negative criticism, insensitivity and discouragement whether deliberate or not from family, siblings, peers and or authority figures can serve to establish, condition in thought and fix within us, unhealthy and problematic ways of behaving and thinking. People who accomplish a great many things are people who have freed themselves from negative childhood perceptions.

The capacity for interacting with children whilst giving them assurances and affirmations of positive suggestions, using a form of story telling that refers to them, in addition using methods to stimulate their imaginations in a positive way, particularly when they are relaxed, which is a part of the method with the exercises in this book, is filled with unlimited potential.

These stories and exercises are created for children aged 2-8.