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Marie Jack first discovered how effective hypnosis was when her young five-year-old daughter suffered a serious accident in the classroom involving her eye.

Her daughterʼs eye and surrounding tissue was considerably damaged; skilled surgeons had to stitch rapidly swelling tissue to preserve the eye and surrounding tissues for further surgery at later increments.

The obvious trauma was great as eye tissue is the most delicate on the body and takes two years to become inactive and complete formation of scar tissue. Her little girl suffered greatly having to re-integrate at school and endured painful teasing from other children: her teachers seemed ill-equipped to help her emotionally, and the poor child’s self-image and self-confidence were impacted negatively.

Two years was a long time to wait. After many hospital visits the surgeons reassured Marie and her daughter that reconstructive and cosmetic surgery was most likely to be a success but the waiting and all of the psychological aspects involved was a huge challenge.

Marie had decided to give up smoking after the loss of her father to cancer in 2003 using hypnotherapy which was a great success.

Having had a gut feeling to explore the possibility of having her little girl take part in a hypnotic session to help her if it were possible, Marie decided to take her daughter along to the hypnotherapist who had worked with her for smoking. The results from having that hypnosis session were remarkable; it transpired that her daughter had suffered from PTSD, low self-esteem and depression as a result of the accident. Due to Marie litigating against the school her daughter had to have psychotherapy as well during the school holidays to aid her recovery and to also assess what effect the accident had had.

Her little girl rapidly started to become more confident, resilient and functional in terms of concentrating and her general demeanour was more vibrant again. Although what had happened could not be undone Marieʼs young daughter got through school with a more healthy demeanour in general and did not absorb the stares and comments and looked at herself in the mirror each time with very little reaction; a huge contrast compared to before the hypnosis treatment. Although things were not the same and there were challenges to overcome the transition to having the surgery was certainly a more positive experience.

Having invested in buying and selling property for a living to support her daughter who Marie raised by herself, when the markets declined in 2008, she decided to explore the possibilities of a new career direction.

Raising her child by herself alerted Marie to the issues and challenges that children face, and that parents have in general, whether single or not. She found also to have a keen interest in the well being of her child, children and of others.

Being so influenced by the positive effects and results of Hypnosis on herself and her daughter, Marie decided to study and train to become a Hypnotherapist.

After finishing the practical side of her training, Marie started seeing clients. Though it was some time before her practice was to become busy, Marie found herself faced with a personal challenge.

A very close friend (not disclosed for legal and confidentiality reasons) found herself with the tragic case of her two grandchildren being made a ward of the family court due to the problems of both parents, who were teenagers when the children were born and respectively had psychological and substance addiction issues. The children were allowed to live with the other set of grandparents initially but that failed work out.

Her friend was in her late 60s, retired, widowed and faced a heart-wrenching dilemma; If she did not apply to foster and become guardian to the children, the children were to be sent into care.

Whatever reservations her friend may have had, she cast them to the wind and came to the rescue. There wasn’t much support at hand, two of her eldest children had busy lives with work commitments, the mother of the children was consumed with her own problems and subsequently had more children and the father of the children ended up doing a considerable sentence in prison.

These children had suffered considerable trauma.

Marie felt she needed to do something to assist at least. The suggestion of using hypnosis was met with indecision, understandably so as the conditions for guardianship were quite stringent and no one wanted to rock the boat so to speak in case the authorities cast their doubts.

Ok, what about the use of hypnosis in the shape of storybooks? It took a bit of convincing her friend, but Marie was almost certain there’d be positive effects if nothing else. What did they have to lose?

Marie could apply her experience, methods and skills she had trained in to use in a series of exercises/stories that were actually based on the child and written for them!

After much careful thought and consideration regarding the children’s issues respectively, she set about compiling the stories.

Taking the time to read with them at night, their Grandmother after being coached by Marie with the induction/Introduction and familiarising both Grandmother and children, continued on for several weeks.

Remarkable yet subtle changes took place, anger had subsided and had dissipated in one child, the fear of sleeping alone in another, changed for the better. Focus on schoolwork and being present in class was prevalent.

Finally a sense of calm and feeling comfortable emanated from both children. They continue to grow and flourish and are quietly confident, studious, stimulating, with witty senses of humour and charming children who whilst are more mature emotionally for their years, are confident, knowing that they are loved and secure by their Grandmother.

Delighted at seeing these remarkable changes with the children and once again impressed and fascinated not only of the powerful and effective process that hypnosis is to affect positive growth and change in all, Marie decided to write a book to help children, using the same methods and techniques that she used for her friend, and her own experience as a mother looking through the eyes of her daughter and her contemporaries, in addition reflecting on the experiences shared by other parents to help her compile the exercises, and whilst generic, they comprise of issues and challenges that most children in the world face, whatever the culture, or demographic.

Marie found that by using self-hypnosis while writing her books, she writes from her ‘heart’, using all she has learned to help our future generations learn the essential traits we need to integrate ourselves and into society such as ;

  • Compassion to self and others, willingness to be accepting regardless of whether something or someone is familiar to us or not.
  • Kindness, acceptance and understanding to oneself.
  • Kindness, acceptance, understanding to all species and beings.
  • Projection of positivity to all, which in turn reflects thus back at us.
  • Self-love, again compassion and confidence; Accepting of self regardless of what others may think or say.
  • Learning to cope with the inevitable factors of life, emotionally responding and processing in a healthy pattern.
  • Accepting and understanding so-called conditions and having a healthy, confident, positive and dynamic view of self regardless.
  • Understanding the power that the mind has to assist in healing the body (children have actually proved to be better at this than adults, as their minds are not so critical)!
  • Developing self-reliance and self-trust!

Marie’s book, When I Squish my Eyes Shut, available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, is now in Camden library and is being considered for the Early Learning Department.

She is currently in talks with local authorities education departments and hospitals and trusts regarding in house and on-line WISMES training for teachers, carers, nurses and paediatric practitioners.

Marie likes to spend her time when she’s not working in practice writing more books on creating a peaceful mind using hypnosis for kids, young adults, parents, and the elderly. This truly is her passion and loves demonstrating the appropriate methods so others can do this valuable work to help themselves and others. She’s still an unpaid therapist to her Daughter, who gives her great insights into the world of the Millennials…a fair exchange!

She loves yoga, longs to move away from the intensity of London in the near future, enjoys walks in nature, observing wildlife, studying the spirituality of the ancient cultures, psychology and enjoys eating a plant-based diet devising ways of conjuring up foods that are not processed. Her best dish is roast potatoes in coconut oil…lots of it!

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