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About Me

My name is Marie A Jack.

I work for and by myself primarily as a Hypnotherapist, and write books . My first book for children, When I Squish My Eyes Shut! which is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, was published In 2018.

I find continual inspiration from clients, friends and acquaintances, when they share their varying challenges and from observing the results of how they get resolved, using hypnosis and suggestion. Writing to help others in finding solutions within themselves is my passion.

To be honest, I could not have become a hypnotherapist and author if I had not gone through the process myself. I lacked confidence and lived In a state of disbelief in my own mind that I was worthy of anything rewarding or great. I witnessed with my own eyes the miracle that my badly injured daughter experienced when she had hypnotherapy as a six year old to help her heal her own mind and body. I was terrified of what to do to provide her with the best help.. I was a single parent too, all decisions were down to me, I certainly could love her, give her security and understanding and affection, but clearly she needed more.

That something, that inner feeling, led me to approach a renowned hypnotherapist, and my daughter’s healing accelerated. I have seen with young,abandoned and afraid children, what the power of suggestion can do, if used correctly, to help them navigate their way through to peace and confidence within.

I have seen with adults, profound positive changes occur when they have been treated with hypnotherapy for physical symptoms, phobias, smoking and substance abuse. I have witnessed some regress back to traumatic experiences in their past to re-enact and re-process painful events in order to re-integrate themselves and move forward in their lives, free of negative emotional responses to events in the past and present lives.

I wanted very much to help others in this way as a result.

I started working as a therapist after completing my practical qualification in 2016, and I am based in London.

I completed my Hypnotherapy qualification with Hypnotherapy Training International in London in 2016. My training comprised of the following;

Clinical Hypnotherapy-

  • Teaching clients self-hypnosis for their own self development and benefit.
  • Understanding, during an interview, the unique needs of the client in order to effectively use skills in subconscious programming for performance enhancement in a variety of fields including sports, education and business, personal development, spiritual growth and health benefits.
  • Helping clients with problems and conditions that have been developing for a long time and to educate and train clients how to use their own minds to solve problems and create a fulfilling life rather than using their mental energies to sabotage or inhibit their success.

Advanced Analytical Therapy

  • Dealing with emotional problems that can be deeply rooted in the past, non-rational processes involved in emotional and behavioural problems (Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective as opposed to committing to years of what can be ineffective talk therapy).
  • Using therapeutic understanding and training to facilitate changing the responses at the root of these problems, the client can become free of their emotional struggles and actualise new paradigms of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Medical Therapy

  • Hypnotic methods for health benefits, assisting with various psychosomatic problems and for pain management including effective anaesthesia used in invasive surgeries and dental procedures.
  • Using therapeutic understanding and training to assist with various physical problems that have psychological roots and to help with problems that are exacerbated by psychological factors including stressors, acute and chronic pain and pain management.
  • Working with clients to use hypnotherapy as an adjunct to specific medical treatments and procedures.
  • Using skills in the medical applications of hypnotherapy including age regression and specialised programming.

Hypnotherapy Skills for Life

  • Understanding the history of hypnosis and how it was used from ancient times to present.
  • Using hypnosis for our own self development as individuals and therapists (we have to work on our own ‘stuffʼ too, as an on-going commitment to ourselves and in order to be equipped to be the best we can in order to help others).
  • Using self hypnosis to help myself and others who request my assistance to effectively train our minds to use healthier and life enhancing thought patterns regarding past issues, and any challenges we face which are inevitable in life!

I have been discovering on my journey that people are often hesitant to embrace hypnosis, and that they would have literally exhausted every other endeavour to get help before they picked up the phone.

The clients that I have, tend to be those who have had parental responsibilities in addition to the challenges/issues that they were suffering from.Ideally, each partner/family or group member more often than not, could more than likely have benefited from hypnosis too; however this was not so straightforward for a number of reasons;

  1. They may not be aware or be ready to open up or acknowledge that there’s an issue that needs to be processed and acted upon.
  2. The person has to want change and it is ineffectual to coerce someone to do any hypnotherapy if it is not coming from them individually.
  3. When it comes to facing issues regarding children, It is a considerable responsibility to make a decision to take your child along for Hypnotherapy. There is so much to consider such as;

What qualifications and experience does the Hypnotherapist have? Do they understand and have had training in the psycho-analytical side of therapy? Is this safe? Will my child be safe?

  1. Not every place in the world has hypnotherapy practitioners, for reasons of religion, law, culture, and location.

The more that I came across this, the more that I considered looking at the prospect of finding ways that individuals, groups, professionals and healers ie; families, couples, parents, guardians, teachers, practitioners, children and young adults could have a component to aid in them finding solutions from within and making positive changes in their way of thinking and perceptions, especially when dealing with issues that most of us have had, and which hypnosis has proven to be very effective in helping us with. Even more so if they were not comfortable/willing or able to see a therapist themselves.

I decided to write my books based on the issues, challenges and the resolutions I came across, not only in my working life, but personally as a mother and through the shared experiences of friends and family.

My book is sincere, well thought out and based upon real life cases where the suggested methods and techniques have proven to be effective in assisting children (and adults, although semantics have been modulated for When I Squish My Eyes Shut!) with moving through perceived obstacles and challenges in a healthier manner.

The principles at the core of this valuable book are;

  • Self Love and compassion towards self and others.
  • Kindness towards self, all species and beings.
  • Confidence in self and the abilities to find solutions to all situations and problems.
  • Self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
  • Projections of warmth, kindness and acceptance to others.
  • Understanding the power of the mind to heal self from within.
  • Re-Imagining our imaginations for life improvement.
  • Confidence in performance.
  • To believe that you can be successful in life in every aspect.
  • Start and continue to think creatively and listen to your heart to develop awareness in knowing what your life purpose is and what it is you really want.
  • Understand and acknowledge the freedom you have to choose how you want to think, respond and be.
  • Assisting you in navigating your thoughts and feelings to achieve peace within.

So, in therapy with me and through my books, audibles and blogs, I offer to work with you with these principles primarily, as they are usually at the base of most problems and issues.

Obviously, other things do and often emerge whilst in session. We have another principle that I work with, and that’s to Deal with whatever emerges!

My values and ethos is to help others through using my skills as a hypnotherapist, writing books and Audibles, and using methods to train others to understand and use this healing power that is inherent in each and every one of us, particularly when we are not clouding it with stress responses or negative mental chatter and trains of thought, by re-training the way we think and re-imagining our imaginations to improve our lives.

I have witnessed profound, touching and miraculous changes with the use of hypnosis, and truly wish that the people and future generations of the world get to understand and learn to use it for their own betterment, and to help all.

The solutions lie within us!

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